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Who is the highest paid referee?


As a referee, you know all about the importance of keeping games fair and exciting for the spectators.

That’s why this job is perfect for those who love the excitement of high-pressure situations!

Other high-paid referees include Division I college baseball, women’s lacrosse and ice hockey referees.

The highest paid referee in NCAA football receives an hourly wage of $168 – which isn’t too bad when compared to some other jobs out there!


World’s Highest-Paid Football Referees 
Referee Category Basic Salary per match
Dr. Felix Brych Elite panel $10,000
Clément Turpin Elite panel $10,000
Danny Makkelie Elite panel $8,000
Antonio Mateu Lahoz Elite panel $8,000


Base Salary Of Football Referees In The Top Five Domestic Football Leagues In The World

Country Basic match salary
La Liga £5,800
Chinese Super league £3,500
Bundesliga £3,650
Serie A £3,000
Premier League £1,500


How long does it take to become a NCAA football referee?

It typically takes around two years of officiating experience and a nationwide certification exam to become a referee. The certification exam costs around $200 and takes approximately two hours to complete.

In order to keep your officiating career moving, referees must pass an annual physical examination and maintain professional development requirements. There is no set process or required qualifications to become a NCAA football referee.

If you are interested in officiating football games, the best way to get started is by seeking out referee training and certification programs across the nation.


How do you become a college referee?

Becoming a college football referee can be a rewarding and challenging experience. It requires the same excellent qualifications and skills as other referees, and the pay scale is generally fair compensation for the work they do.

The most common route to becoming a college referee is through officiating school, but there are other options available. After completing an officiating school program and passing an exam, you’re eligible to apply for positions with NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) schools.

Once you’re accepted and have passed the required background check, the refereeing adventure truly begins!


Quality of Life for College Football Referee

As college football referees, the job comes with its share of challenges. However, it also comes with a decent salary and good benefits. Plus, they make a name for themselves among fans and often enjoy high levels of popularity. So why not consider this as a career option?


How much does a College Football Referee make?

There’s no doubt that refereeing college football is a demanding and rewarding job. Being certified and experienced is essential, but salaries and benefits vary from state to state.

According to the National Association of Collegiate Football Referees (NACFR), college football referees make a salary that ranges from $30,000 to over $100,000 annually.

The average referee salary in the NCAA is $46,000. Having access to NACFR’s comprehensive salary data can help you understand the range of salaries for referees in your area.

Additionally, the NACFR provides information on referee benefits and job security.

So, whether you’re interested in refereeing college football at the professional or college level, research the job and the salary range first to make sure you’re getting the best deal.


See College Football Referees Salaries in Other Areas

If you’re a college football fan, you know that the games can be pretty intense. And if that wasn’t enough, the referees have to deal with all the other craziness that comes with the sport.

Some of the highest-paid college football referees make over $200,000 per year. That’s a lot of money! In fact, many college football referees work in other areas, including basketball and baseball. This is an extremely demanding job, and you need to be prepared for long hours and lots of travel.

The average referee makes around $65,000 per year. So whether you’re a fan of college football or not, it’s worth knowing about the salaries of the referees who make the game so exciting.


How do NCAA football referees make money?

Becoming an NCAA football referee is a demanding but rewarding career choice! The average salary for referees ranges from $40,000 to $80,000 per year, with the majority earning around $50,000 annually.

In addition to this, referees receive health benefits and a pension plan.

As a full-time professional, referees are dedicated to their job and are rewarded with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Becoming an NCAA football referee is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that not many people get to experience.

If you’re interested in exploring this career path, start by researching the requirements and preparing yourself for the demanding and challenging job ahead.


How much padding do football referees wear?

Football referees wear padding on their legs, hips and shoulders to prevent serious injuries. The padding is made of a hard plastic that can withstand repeated impacts from players.

Referees are paid $2,500 for each game they work – which includes all pre-season, regular season and post season games.



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