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How does one become a wrestler?


Becoming a professional wrestler in WWE is a long, hard journey.

First and foremost, one must become a referee. After that, they undergo rigorous training and certification to become a wrestler. It takes years of hard work and dedication, but the rewards are definitely worth it!

There is no denying the commitment and passion required to make it as a professional wrestler – but it’s definitely worth the effort!

There is a large pool of potential candidates for the job of professional wrestler. In point of fact, getting into the NBA is significantly less difficult than getting signed on with the WWE.

You can become a professional wrestler, but it will take a lot of hard work and persistence on your part to get there. However, if you are serious about pursuing this goal, you can succeed.

The first step is to enroll in a wrestling program and start training to become a wrestler. Next, develop your character and place an order for a one-of-a-kind outfit.

You will have to relocate to Florida as soon as you are ready to compete. Attend shows to build relationships with WWE trainers and maintain your peak physical condition by consistently working out.

How does one become a wrestler?


Getting Ready to Compete as a Wrestler



1.  Enroll in a wrestling training program.

It is necessary to acquire the skills necessary to wrestle in the correct manner if your goal is to compete professionally.

Conduct a search on the internet to locate local wrestling schools in your area. Look for wrestling academies that are directed by people who have competed at the professional level. In addition to this, these educational institutions ought to have alums who are currently working in the WWE or the TNA.


Discover and enroll in a professional wrestling school.

Conduct a search on the internet to locate the website or phone number of a wrestling school. There are educational institutions located in various parts of the United States and Canada.

Many of them, such as Killer Kowalski’s Pro Wrestling School and Lance Storm’s Storm Wrestling Academy, are owned or operated by well-known professional wrestlers, such as Killer Kowalski (see Resources).

Put some money away in savings before enrolling in any classes.

The tuition at Florida Championship Wrestling, which is the official developmental territory for WWE, is $1,500 per year. Some schools can be more expensive than others.

Please let the training staff know how much experience you have in wrestling. Training methods will be different for you if you have little to no experience at all, as opposed to those that are used for performers who have years of experience.

You should get as much practice as you can. Gain an understanding of how to assemble and disassemble the wrestling ring. Put your efforts into promoting upcoming live shows.

Acquire as much information as you possibly can. Not only will it assist in your growth, but it will also demonstrate to your instructors that you are serious about making this a career path for yourself.


Get in better body shape.

If the situation calls for it, referees in professional wrestling matches will sometimes engage in the same kinds of physical confrontations as the performers on the ring.

To be able to keep up with the action, you need to have a lot of cardiovascular conditioning. In addition, strength training is essential because you should be prepared to execute some of the moves on your own.

Ensure that you have a healthy diet. Wrestling athletes, like athletes in other sports, need to pay attention to what they put in their bodies in order to perform at their best.

If you do not put the proper nutrients into your body, you will experience feelings of weakness and sluggishness. It is highly recommended that you consume diets that are high in protein and low in fat, especially considering the fact that you will be exercising as part of your fitness journey.

Get a sufficient amount of rest. You are going to need to reenergize your body because it has been worn down from all of the training and working out that you have been doing.


Create a video of yourself performing and forward it on to WWE.

Create a video recording of your performances in the ring. If you are not involved in FCW, there is a very small chance that WWE knows anything about you at all.

If your training school hosts live events, there is a good chance that it has videotapes of its performances available for purchase.

Put the recording in the hands of a WWE promoter or agent. There is a good chance that one of your instructors or the owner or promoter of the school is acquainted with someone who is or formerly was associated with WWE.

Building your professional network is absolutely essential if you want a global entertainment company like WWE to take notice of your work.

Allow them some time to think about it before making a decision. WWE is consistently inundated with applications from people wanting to pursue a career in the performing arts. If it likes what it sees on the tape, it will most certainly get in touch with you to discuss the matter further.


2. Eat a protein-rich diet.

You need to have a lot of strength if you want to compete in professional wrestling. Consuming a lot of protein will help you both construct new muscle and keep the ones you have.

Consume daily meals consisting of one gram of protein for each pound of your body mass.

To give you an idea, if you weigh 160 pounds, you should consume at least 160 grams of protein on a daily basis.


3. Carry out exercises that focus on building your strength.

These workouts will help you develop stronger muscles and increase your overall strength. Lifting heavy weights repeatedly is the primary focus of the majority of strength training exercises.

For instance, bicep curls are a form of strength training that helps you build up the muscles in your biceps.


Some additional examples are as follows:

  • Lifting dead weights will help you become stronger all around.
  • Perform pushups to improve your upper-body strength.
  • Exercises for improving leg strength include calf raises

4. Include some form of cardio in your workout.

People who want to build muscle frequently neglect cardiovascular exercise due to the mistaken belief that it is not necessary.

On the other hand, it will help you become more physically resilient and keep you active for longer periods of time. When you wrestle, you won’t become exhausted as quickly if you regularly engage in cardiovascular exercise. Cardio exercises include:

  • Using a running machine (treadmill)
  • Going to go for a jog.
  • By using a stationary bike for exercise

5. Developing Your Reputation and Persona

Decide on a persona. Wrestlers who compete professionally frequently adopt an alter ego for the duration of a match. First things first, decide whether you’re going to be the “good guy” or the “bad guy.

Next, give your character a persona that is extremely inflated compared to real life.

For instance, if you’re the bad guy, you could portray yourself as a raging clown with a ridiculous obsession for flamingos and a loud, angry demeanor.
If you want to create a memorable persona for your character, give them a wild history to draw from.


5. Pick a Unique name for yourself.

The name you give your character should convey something about their nature. Consider the kinds of names that would hold significance for the person you’re creating.

6. Create a signature pose or gesture.

There are a lot of famous wrestlers who each have unique moves that set them apart from their contemporaries.

You can distinguish yourself from the other wrestlers by coming up with character-appropriate poses that you can strike at any point during a match.


7. Pick out an outfit for yourself.

When you are ready to choose an outfit, you should get in touch with a wrestling outfit manufacturer. You can conduct a search on the internet to find a manufacturer, or you can ask your instructor for some recommendations.

These manufacturers will be able to assist you in creating a good ensemble by basing it on your name and the persona you wish to project. However, you should anticipate that it will take a few weeks for your costume to be completed.


8. Relocate  to Orlando, Florida, USA.

Moving to the state of Florida in the United States is recommended for serious wrestlers by a large number of professional wrestlers as well as coaches.

The World Wrestling Entertainment Performance Center is located in Orlando, Florida, which is also home to a significant wrestling circuit. If you’re fortunate, you might meet a great booking agent or get the opportunity to wrestle against a WWE wrestler who is still in the process of developing their career.

9. Make connections by attending wrestling shows.

Attend as many professional wrestling shows as you can in the Orlando area. It is in your best interest to strike up a conversation with any booking agents, trainers, or wrestlers that you may encounter.

The term for this activity is networking. There is a widespread belief among professional wrestlers that having connections to influential people can unlock doors that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.


10. Speak with a prospective manager or agent.

Finding wrestling matches and working to advance your career will be easier with the assistance of a manager, who is also referred to as a booking agent.

Carry out a search on the internet to identify organizations in your region that have a good reputation.

You could also seek the assistance of your wrestling instructor or a more seasoned wrestler if you need assistance in finding a good manager.


11. Build followers from various social media platforms and keep up your training.

Attracting attention to yourself is the most effective strategy for achieving fame as a wrestler. There are a great number of social media websites available, each of which makes an excellent platform for attracting attention online.

To begin, set up a business account on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Next, maintain an active presence across all of your social media platforms to ensure that people continue to be interested in what you have to say.

Carry on with your workouts. Lifting weights, engaging in cardiovascular exercise, and competing in wrestling are all excellent ways to keep your body in top shape.

If you want to compete in matches, you should join a wrestling gym or a wrestling club.

Another option is to approach wrestling venues and let them know that you are willing to compete for them without payment. You will gain valuable performance experience in addition to having a productive workout with this.


Who is the lowest paid wrestler?

Becoming a referee in the WWE is a tough task. Not only do they have to be able to handle high-pressure situations, but they also have to be able to stay calm and professional under pressure. If you’re interested in this career path, start by attending refereeing school first.

This will give you the necessary training and experience to handle difficult situations. The lowest paid wrestler in the WWE is usually a referee, so this might be a good place to start your refereeing career.


Who is the poorest wrestler?

If you’re interested in refereeing professional wrestling matches, it’s important to have strong technical skills as well as knowledge about WWE rules and regulations.

The poorest wrestler is the one who has the least amount of experience and training. There are many refereeing opportunities available in professional wrestling, so be sure to keep your eyes open for job postings.

To become a referee, you need to pass a rigorous screening process that includes an oral exam and written exams. The process is difficult but definitely worth it if you want to referee matches in the professional wrestling circuit.


How do wrestlers get paid?

Wrestling is a highly competitive and physically demanding sport. Therefore, it’s no wonder that referees are rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

Up to $75,000 a year is not uncommon for a referee, and the rewards go beyond monetary. They receive a great deal of respect from the wrestling community, and are often looked up to for their impartiality and skill.

To become a referee, you need to have a passion for the sport and a strong understanding of wrestling rules and regulations.

Once you’ve met these requirements, you can take an extensive examination and be rewarded with the privilege of officiating matches.

It’s a demanding job, but one that is critically important in ensuring that matches are fair and accurate. So why not give refereeing a try? You may be surprised at just how rewarding it can be!



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